Hello fellow fly fishers

This is my first excursion into the world of Blogs!  The intention here is to offer a way of answering the numerous questions people raise about fly casting techniques and fly fishing in general.

So please fee free to ask me questions relating relating to these subjects and I will try to promptly answer.

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3 Responses to Hello fellow fly fishers

  1. Well Mark its funny you should ask that question because sometimes when I watch people casting I’m thinking it doesn’t matter too much! Myself, I tend to err on the side of having the thick end in my hand because the reel seems to attach much better at that end.

  2. mark says:

    Tell us about that reel thing, doesn’t it just hold the extra line stuff. I find it difficult to cast my power bait without alot of weight to pull it through the guides.

    • Mark that’s a good question and maybe you could get a better understanding by reading the article I have posted in the Line category. I am not sure what your “power bait” weighs but fly line needs to equal it or be slightly heavier in the first 30 feet to “take” it to the fish. In fly line’s case it goes first and the “bait” gets pulled along behind. So in effect if your PB weighs the same as a #14 fly then you could cast it with a 5 weight line on a 5 weight rod. If you stick more PB on to the hook and increase its weight then you really need to move up a line and rod size. Got it?
      Most people don’t use their reel correctly and only use it for storing line. If you purchase a good quality reel with an effective drag system you will be able to “fight” fish by allowing them to run without breaking off. After you have cast, the line will initially be placed under the index or middle finger of your rod hand which becomes your line control system for stripping line or providing intial drag. Once you set the hook and the fish takes all the slack line you will use the reel to control the run and retrieve line. I had a client who regularly broke off fish during the “fighting” stage and by teaching him this method he began landing every fish he hooked.


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