Taneycomo fishing report

Taneycomo stream report – Monday 2, July 2012

Even with the heat we are experiencing presently the generation has been off during the morning and back on around noon or slightly later. Water temperature is nicely cool at 50F so hopefully the oxygen content is not causing us any problems right now.

The fish have been midging strongly during the morning and mainly on the adults which appear to be around #20 with a dark tan body and light colored wings. This morning I had great success using a Griffiths Gnat with a few adjustments. I use peacock for the underbody and instead of the normal grizzle hackle, I use either a cream or Cahill hackle to give the light wings of the natural.

The light breeze we had this morning was useful in providing a roughened surface for the fly to sit on. Takes were positive and fish are in great shape. They are obviously feeding well if the girths are anything to go by. My best fish of the day was 19 inches on the GG.

Soft hackles were also working well, with olive being the chosen color although my peacock and partridge “Reversed Red Ass” seemed to get plenty of action. The fish seem to like a bit of action with your fly, so some gentle stripping is in order although I found that the fish hugging this shallows preferred a swing drift without any action.

Some pretty big fish are hugging the shallows and I switched to a black and olive bunny leach which produced three fish in the 16 to 18 inch range although I lost one that ran me round a rock and of course that one was HUGE!

River was pretty crowded and probably due to the holiday weekend. There were at least four drift boats working the water below the Rocking Chair which made things interesting at times. It would be nice to see a little more wading etiquette in such crowded conditions and fly fishers should give more room to those already working an area.

All in all it was a good morning with plenty of good sized strong fish.

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