Taneycomo fishing report

Taneycomo stream report – Tuesday 24, July 2012

We begin another week with 100 degree weather and very little chance of an improvement in the foreseeable future! Oh well, at least the generation remains the same and if you get out early there is some good fishing to be had in the trophy area of Taneycomo.

My recommendation is to arrive fairly early and leave when the heat gets to you. It’s not necessary to arrive too early unless you intend fishing streamers as the midges don’t really start emerging until the sun begins to hit the water. A little breeze is always welcome both for cooling us off and ruffling the surface to give some movement.

I have not completely solved the midge question and will keep you posted on when that happens, and it will! Still finding my black micro midge tubing bodied emerger is the best in my box.

Most fly fishers appear to be dragging small scud (gray I heard mentioned) across the bottom but if that doesn’t appeal to you then try swinging small soft hackles (#18-20) with predominant colors of black and cream. With the slow flow you may have to move down to 7x flourocarbon.

My personal favorite at this time of year is to work the banks either from a boat or on foot. Cover the really shallow ledges with emerging dry flies with a mainly brown coloration. A fly I love to work with is the Klinkhammer maybe even with rubber legs to give it a more “generic” effect. You don’t need the skinny tippet so shift back up to at least 6x or even 5x for flies in the #12-14 range although you may want to consider increasing the length of leader to around 10-12 feet. In addition to the ants and hoppers that are available, the fish are also aware of the large population of dragonflies which have brownish red coloration.

This morning I landed around ten fish in the 17-19 inch range all on dries! So get out there and don’t overheat.

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