White River fishing report

White River stream report – 11 October, 2012

Having recently returned from a wonderful time on the Arkansas River in the State of Colorado it seemed to be time to fish the White river in the State of Arkansas.

Recently the generation at Bull Shoals had been slight and had been off overnight although it increased to one unit a couple of hours before we arrived. Strangely this increase wasn’t really noticeable at Rim Shoals and I assume this is because with such a slight increase the time taken for it to travel is longer and it spreads out giving some nice flow without too much height.

Rim Shoals is one of my favorite accesses because of its varied bottom structure and the Catch and Release area. There were a number of vehicles in the parking area although these folks spread out and appeared to leave fairly early (at least compared to us).

Stream temperature was sitting at 56 so nicely in the bracket that trout feed steadily.

Even early in the morning there were some tan caddis emerging and also the ever present midges. I initially tried a #16 black bodied caddis having seen a few risers although there were no takers till I switched to an emerger which seemed to fit the bill.

Although I worked a cream and black soft hackle with great success, I switched to a caddis adult and probably caught fifty percent of my fish on this dry.

My friend William worked the shoreline using a Klinkhammer and picked up the beautiful brown trout pictured above with its oversize tail. Imagine the power that a tail like that can create!

It was a great day on the water although I am itching to get down there for an overnight so we can catch the evening hatch and do some sneaking about on the shoreline early in the morning. I am still after that thirty inch brown!

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