Taneycomo Fishing Report

Taneycomo stream report – Monday 4 March, 2013

Well I have been absent from my Blog for too long and decided it was time to put finger to keyboard to correct that.

In the months since I last wrote I have been back in England for some much needed family time and then managed to fit in a vacation in Florida with my wife.  I didn’t do any fishing down there although I took my gear.  Our dear friends who hosted us had so much organized that I didn’t have time for fishing!  Mind you there are some Tarpon in the Peace River that have my name on them for next year!

Over the Christmas period and into the New Year we have fished mainly down in Arkansas and lately on Taneycomo.

I will update the situation down on the White after a planned trip down there next week.

Taneycomo has been pretty steady with the generation sessions and we have “enjoyed” low flows on almost every day of the week.  I say enjoyed because a good flush through helps the biomass get stirred up and improves the fishing.  Not to say that the fishing has been slow, quite the contrary actually.

“The Midge Problem”

I have been concentrating on solving the midge problem.  Well only a problem if you don’t have the correct midge pattern!

It seems that the fish have begun to focus on the very small midge that is dominant when we have low flows and still waters.  This means that fly patterns need to be in the #22 – 26 although there is a larger midge that comes off towards the end of the day that will probably go #18.

Gray seems to be the predominant color although the stomach contents I have seen recently show some pupa with an olive or brown hint to body color.

The fish are mainly targeting the emerging midges so I have been tying patterns with shucks to represent that stage of life.  Although the fish seem to prefer the emergers they will take both adults and pupa particularly when I give them some “micro” action.  The pupa from stomach contents are extremely active and look almost like miniature tadpoles.  Oh for a material that will react that way!

Gray thread with a lighter colored thread for segmentation seems best for most patterns and grizzly hackle for floatation.  I have been adding crystal flash wings in a “spent wing” style although a swept back wing of CDC seems to be coming into my thinking recently.

There have been whole days when it has been dry fly action only because the fish have readily accepted my offerings.  Although they can be very picky and you have to be prepared to switch flies regularly to keep them happy.  I have about three different sizes in each pattern and a number of variations in tying style.

When they start getting choosy and don’t accept the dries I have been having good success with either micro soft hackles or biot midge pupa.  Once again the predominant colors are gray, olive, or brown although today they seemed to prefer a #20 orange micro soft hackle.

There is no shortage of feeding trout during these times of slow water; the only problem is finding the correct pattern for the moment.  Of course you could resort to dragging the bottom with an olive and black woolly if that turns you on.  Personally I have been enjoying the challenge of finding the “perfect” fly pattern for the Midge Problem!

More later on this subject.

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