Crane Creek Fishing Report

Crane Creek stream report 09 March, 2013

I guided a very pleasant father and son from Kansas City who wanted to learn more about our wonderful Crane Creek.

IMG_2273 (Large)

We began the day with a walk along the Upper Wire Road access and Crane City Park so they would get an overall view of the available fishing access points.

The UWR access was certainly in need of some much needed rain although we did find fishable water and we only walked a short distance so there may have been more water available between the Old Wire Road Bridge and Crane.

The Crane City section had plenty of water and we spotted at least one fish that was in the fifteen inch range. It was sad to see all the trash though and next time I will bring a trash sack to haul some out.

Then it was a short drive down to the section I guide on, a little casting refresher and stroll to the bottom of the beat to began their adventure.

The weather forecast had been for possible showers and WIND! Well we didn’t get the showers but we did get the wind although on this stream anything that ruffles the water surface is a benefit.

The stream was running nicely with water temperature at a pleasant 56 degrees.

Nathan and David had expressed a desire to work with dries which I encourage on this section of stream so we tied on a Royal Wulff because apart from the occasional little black stonefly and those darned midges, there was very little insect activity.

Although the air and water temperatures were in the bracket, we initially experienced little interest in our offerings until we moved into the more riffly water.

Hits were swift and didn’t allow for any errors so the guys found that their usual line handling was a little lacking although they were very quick to change that after a few reminders.

Most fish were those wonderful little gems we get in Crane Creek that seem impossibly patterned and absolute works of art. We did have one nice fish rise to the fly although a little bit of over excitement resulted in smiles at what “could have been”!

After about six hours fishing which seemed like five minutes we broke for what should have been lunch but turned out to be dinner. Then it was a drive down to the Lower Wire Road access to view that section of the creek.

Arriving in the parking lot we were greeted by Crane Creek’s own “Ghille”. For those who fish CC regularly a chat with Ray is almost a certainty and my guys were treated to stories about fly tying and weaponry.

The water in the LWR section looked good and we decided that it would probably be Nathan and David’s destination on Sunday after they had checked out the Crane City beat.

Fishing Crane Creek always produces some extra delights and this was no exception. A pair of male Cardinals were competing to see who could sing the loudest and a mating pair of Red Tailed Hawks circled above us filling the air with their cries. As we left the stream I spotted a tree with a most unusual twist to its trunk. We debated how it happened and David told me of the “Twisted Willow” although we decided this strange shape was probably caused by a vine.

IMG_2275 (Large)

A great day with wonderful company and plans for a future expedition down into Arkansas to chase some of those White River fish.

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