I was born in Nottingham, England and in 1997 moved to the SW portion of Missouri which is my wife’s home State. The beauty of the Missouri Ozarks and the abundance of water in both lake and stream is hard to beat.

My engineering background included a career in the Royal Navy that allowed me to spend time in Scotland where I began my fly fishing career on famous Scottish salmon waters like the River Spey. I began guiding and teaching in 1998 and teaching full time about three years later when I became the lead instructor at the Orvis Fly Fishing School here in the Ozarks.

My fly fishing experience is varied, not restricted to single species and covers local and more distant waters. I try to make at least one annual pilgrimage out “West” and have a particular love of Utah and Idaho. Some years ago I fulfilled an ambition to fish the world famous River Test in southern England and this was followed a year later by catching native Brown Trout in Southern Ireland. Destinations like Alaska and Belize have brought Salmon and Bone fish into my species list and I am even returning to my English heritage by adding Carp to my list of species to catch on a fly!

A couple of years ago two-handed or Spey rods came back into my life which has given me the ability to fish the larger flows we sometimes experience on our Tailwaters and also improved my ability to fish for bass in our local streams.

The pleasure of casting a fly rod has led me to study all aspects of casting and teaching methods. My Federation of Fly Fishers CCI qualification was undertaken with this in mind and I intend to continue adding to this growing stock of knowledge.

After nearly 20 years residing in the USA it was with mixed emotions that I decided that I would return to my place of birth. Since returning I have placed fly fishing on a back burner, and concentrated on my other love, hiking.

Please stay tuned for further articles about hiking in the beautiful British countryside, and maybe some fishing stories!